Everyone Could Use A Little Comfort

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Today’s Feelings

You know what I think? I think that kicking people when they’re down is not okay. We live in a world where people judge us whether we are doing good or bad. If you think you’re “C” average grade means that it is okay because you are passing, someone is going to tell you that you need to try harder and get that “A” grade. If you are happy because you’ve lost five pounds, someone is going to tell you you need to lose ten more. The truth is, you never win. Whether you’re happy with yourself or whether you’re not. Society makes us think that we need to be perfect in order for everyone to be happy. But, what exactly is “perfect?” Is it the “perfect” smile, the “perfect” face, the “perfect” body, or is it the perfect soul? To me, it’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what on the inside. Beyonce says, “We try to fix something but we can’t fix what we can’t see… it’s the soul that needs the surgery.” Those are very beautiful words because we need to focus on what and who we really are in order to see ourselves as “beautiful” or “perfect” instead of “average.”